:::::::::::::::::::::::: 2010/01/26 ::::: 23:00h ::::: 3rd place::::::::::::::::::::::::

The year 2009 was certainly not the most productive year, in terms of drawing,
painting and illustrating, but 2010 started on the right track, as I got 3rd place in
the 4º Mostra de BD de Odemira,with the comic "Someone once told him ...".

- 1 Drawing;
- 2 Paintings;
- 19 Portraits;

Soon I hope to come back with a new look for the site, a new organization
and a few more works.
See you then.


:::::::::::::::::::::::: 2009/05/23 ::::: 01:50h ::::: New look::::::::::::::::::::::::

It's been a few months since my last update. I've been posting on my
(portuguese) blogs regularly (Spriritus-alas; Caneta, Papel e Lápis), filling them
with new texts, sketches and illustrations.

I decided to change the look of this site (once more) and spent a few days
working on it. The galleries are changed and the organization of the site is
changed a bit. I kept the same colours because I wanted to keep it simpel
and clean. You can leave you comments on the Guestbook if you like.

In the meantime I bring you some more works of mine:


As soon as I have new things I'll bring them here. See you all!


::::::::::::::::::::: 2009/01/30 ::::: 01:50 pm ::::: Online Shop:::::::::::::::::::::

A new year begins, and I bring news.
I've just opened an online shop, where you can purchase t-shirts and other
products with my drawing in it.
If you have any suggestions for other drawings and/or products, please leave a
commento in the guestbook.

Also, today I bring:
- 3 new Comic pages
- 1 new Illustration
- 1 new Portrait

That's all for now!

::::::::::::::::::::::: 2008/11/30 ::::: 00:20 am ::::: Challenges :::::::::::::::::::::::

Hey everyone. This past November I haven't done much about drawing, since
I decided to joing NaNoWriMo this year and that kept me busy.
i also participated in the 24 Hour Comics this year, and from that came
Much too late.

New on the galleries:
- 2 Illustrations
- 1 Portrait
- 1 new Comic
- 5 Webdesigns

Also, I got a new blog, a writing one, but it's in Portugueses:

It's all for today. See you!

:::::::::::::::::::::: 2008/09/12 ::::: 7:40 pm ::::: New Projects ::::::::::::::::::::::

It's been more than a month since I gave the site the new look.
Today, new we have:
- 2 Designs
- 4 Drawings
- 2 Illustrations
And also, 2 new porjects:
- Heroine
- Sounds of war

I hope to bring more soon.

::::::::::::: 2008/08/01 ::::: 11:45 pm ::::: New look, new concept ::::::::::::::

After opening my web-portfolio in Portuguese, back on the 1st of January 2006,
I'd this wish to also make it available in English. Now, two and a half years later,
I finally have the courage and time to do it.

Following the 3rd version of my site's layout, everything has been redesign,
rethought and more throught selected, so please enjoy your tour.

Feel free to also visit my blog:
"Spiritus alas ~ Asas a mente" (Portuguese only)

I'd also like to remember you all that this web-portfolio is also available
in Portuguese

Curiosity: KITSUNE (on my web-address), is the japanese word for FOX, thus
the little furry animal shows up at the new layout.