Created by: Ana C. Nunes
Also known as (Other titles): Destiny, Avoiding Destiny
Original Idea: End of 2001
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice-of-life
Style: Manga, Black & White
1st fase: 2004/10/15 - 2005/09/22
2nd fase: ...
Length: ...
Finish Date: ...
Status: Revising
Takes place: Kyoto, Japan
Time-line: September 2002
Website: lobodragao
Warnings: Deals with themes such as Rape, Violence, Drugs, Infidelity,
Anorexia, Betrayal, among others.

Summary: Rie Ookami and Unkei Ryusaki are two teenagers from rival families.
While the Ryusaki family has let go of the past, the Ookami still linger to the
hate of past times, and Rie was taught to hate Unkei, since she was very young.
Yet, her hatred was concentrated solemnly on combat and competition in
general. It's not too rare to see the two in confrontations, and they fight
against each other every year on a nation-wide tournment, in which Rie came
victorious the year before.

The championship is near once more and Rie doesn't hide her enthusiasm to win
again. Still, a chain of events will change the way she sees and interacts with
things and people around her. When the consequences of her actions come
knocking, Rie will not be prepared to answer back.

This is mostly a story about several teenagers and young adults, who found
problems common to a lot of people, and have to find a way to deal with them,
sometimes they do it well, others they don't. Harsh lessons will be learned, lots
of friendship and love in between.