Created by: Ana C. Nunes
Date of Original idea: March 2007
Rate: PG
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Science-fiction
Style: Novel with illustrations
Start: 2007/08/07
Length: 15 chapters
Finish: ...
Status: On-going
Space: unknown
Time: unknown
Website: dgs
Warnings: Nudity, death

Description: Waking up in the desert, completly naked and with an appearence
she doesn't recognize, Viviana will soon find out how much of what she
believed to be true is not, if anything at al was real.
Aoi, Dwight and Imaan will join her, and together they'll dicover just to what
extent their lives are being manimulated in a game over which they have no

A ficcional story about human's actions and the consequences that may have
on the planet.