Created by: Ana C. Nunes
Date of Original idea: April 2007
Rate: PG
Genre: Drama, Slice-of-life
Style: AmeriManga, Colour
Start: 2007/09/09
Length: 4 Pages
Finish: 2007/09/14
Status: Finished
Space: Portugal
Time: Present time
Website: dgs

Warnings: Deals with themes such as violence, child abuse, death and revenge

Description: Naru trained to be a ninje since early age, under the supervision of
her master, who was also the father of her boyfriend Ken. Her peaceful
hometown was celebrating the becoming of a village, while Ken proposed to
Naru. Everything was going well ... until the screams started.

Focusing on the loneliness of the human being, and its hability to know such
different feeling as love and hate. This is a reflection about humans and to what
extent a person can go if under certain circumnstances.