Created by: Ana C. Nunes
Original Idea: August 2004
Rate: PG (in the beggining)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
Style: Manga, Colour
Fase 1: 2004/10/20 - 2005/08/18
Fase 2: ...
Length: ...
End Date: ...
Status: Under Revision
Space: Fabrice, Echardôn (fictional)
Timeline: ...
Website: alma
Warnings: Deals with various themes, such as Death, Madness, Teen Pregnancy,
among others.

Summary: The Alma family has existed for many generations. In this family, the
oldest son/daughter of the oldest son/daughter inherets a special ability called
"Temptation of the soul". This allows the possessor to see the form of people's
This happens since the beggining of the cicle, but, in this last generation, the
power went to the youngest daughter, instead of the first born.

The family was envied by many and it wasn't long before it was almost completly
wiped out. Now, Ellaine and Jarad, two of the few who survived, search for a
way to release Ellaine from the power she does not want to have.

This is how they come to meet Garnath, a misterious witch who will help them,
and a group of complicated people who surround the life of this strange woman.